Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) – Corporate Facilitation Services

Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), a leading East African Financial services company needed to create capacity to deliver Sales Activation events in South Africa to achieve specified business objectives.  A series of targeted roadshows was identified as the best way to deliver on this requirement. A 3-week period in Q3 2019 was identified as the execution period.

Optimum designed and delivered project management, procurement, logistical and eventing skills to meet KCB’s business requirements. KCB needed to work with a recognised expert who could draw upon decades of experience in South Africa as well as knowledge of a foreign community in SA. Optimum delivered on 17 Roadshows and built a solid database of clients across SA – which included account sign-ups. These were all delivered professionally and the benefits will remain within the KCB in the foreseeable future.

Delivery of such a project was more complicated than merely carrying out the event on the day.  The process had to be managed carefully and each event had to be documented.  KCB needed to work with a service provider who was experienced in such services  and who could support them with careful documentation and structured, proven reporting processes. Optimum was that partner.